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What is Fairyography?

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What is Fairyography and what do you do?

The most magical photos you've ever seen, with real people like you. Fairyography is a luxury, glam portrait studio for ladies of all ages. I have a very feminine, upscale style that captures the magic of your story. I photograph newborn babies, whimsical children, magical teens, luxe quince' girls, fairytale maternity and adults, and gorgeous ballerinas. Each of my photos has a unique, magical, fantasy feeling to it.

Fairyography photo sessions are fully custom to you and your needs.

What types of photo sessions do you offer?

Magical Kids Photos Athens GA

Maternity Photographer

Newborn Photo Sessions

Child Photographer

Teen and Senior Photo Sessions

Adults and Mother-Daughter Photos

Dancer Photography

How do I book a session with you?

Totally easy, you just fill out my contact form, and I'll be emailing with you right away! Once you've decided I'm the right photographer for you, we'll pick a date for your photos and I'll get you a booking form to fill out and pay for your session fee online.

Is your style posed or candid?

It's a bit of both! I definitely love the classic images of portraits where the person is looking at the camera, but I feel like the fairytale story of you or your beautiful children not looking at the camera can be artful and soulful as well. There is something utterly gorgeous about a baby's little upturned nose or a girl's eyelashes as they rest along her cheeks, I want to catch all of that story for you.

How much are your sessions, and do we get digital images?

Pricing is on my pricing page! Your session fee includes some digital images, depending on that package you pick. See the Product Page to watch videos and see pictures of the amazing albums or prints you'll get. The package prices are per session, not per person, you don't pay twice for a pair of sisters in the same photo session.

Where should we go for our pictures?

Anywhere you want! In studio, or outdoors, I have it all covered. Usually we plan for the season. I have a page of the 10 best locations locally, but if what you're thinking of isn't on that list, let's make it happen!

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When should I book my maternity pictures?

You want to book as much in advance as you can, but your session should take place when you're about 28-36 weeks pregnant. Too early and your bump isn't big, but too late and you just feel icky. REALLY late and you run the risk of delivering your new baby before you have your motherhood portraits done!

When should I book my newborn portraits?

You'll want to book as far in advance as you can, but newborn sessions are scheduled for when the baby is 6-12 days old. It's a magical time when the baby will sleep through almost anything, so we can get those curly womb pictures.

The dresses are so pretty, do I have to find some like that?

No way! I actually provide all the dresses and wings and crowns for my fairy sessions. The booking form you fill out has spaces for your kids' sizes, so I know exactly what to bring with me. The wings fit down the back of my dresses, so there are no icky straps or itchy things.

What happens on or session day?

I usually show up about 15 minutes early if I've been there before, and earlier if I have never used the location. I will begin the session with asking your kids' names, then I will call them the wrong name... on purpose. :) It gets the kids laughing before we even start. Expect your session to have lots of laughs and silly questions. I always ask who the stinkiest person in the family is.. dads be prepared to be thrown under the bus! I play stupid games to get real smiles, and there are only tears if someone trips and falls.

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My kids are a hot mess and I worry we won't get any good pictures!

I totally get it, really. I was a pre-school teacher for years before becoming a photographer, so I know how crazy they can be! I have 20 years experience with managing children. No meltdowns here! I know you'll be thrilled when you see your images. I can at least promise that I can get an uninterested kid having fun or a crazy kid calmed down or a shy kid smiling. You can read the Testimonials Page for comments from real clients just like you!

What if it rains, or my child falls down and has a booboo instead?

Not an issue. If it rains, we'll reschedule. Chances are that I've already been watching the weather a week in advance and I've already notified you that it might be raining. If it's anything over 50% chance of rain, we just pick another day. No biggie. If your child is sick or injured or you've had another family emergency, it's fine. We'll just pick another day! I once had a two year old in a new pair of shoes land on her face about 15 minutes into the shoot. She was a wreck, so we stopped and sent everyone home and rescheduled once she was healed up. I even had one princess show up in a lime green full leg cast! It's all fine.

What happens after our session?

I will be editing your photos! I sit down and look at each and every one of the ones I've taken. I cull out the not so great ones. I remove bruises and boogers, fix stray things in the shots, and generally pick the pest to show you. I always provide a sneak peek of your photos within a week of your photo session. Around the end of that week, you'll be called back into my studio for your ordering appointment.

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How many images will we see?

You can expect to be shown 50-80 images. I show a few portraits in black and white as an artistic choice, and there will be many detail shots of the story. You'll also see a pre-design of an album so that you don't have to guess at what your album would look like with your images. The images that I don't show you are pretty much cut for a reason, they're just not the best!

What happens at our ordering appointment?

You'll come in to the studio and be shown your finished images along with an album preview, since so many of my clients love my handmade albums as much as I do. When you order, you'll order a set of digital images as well as add print products, that way you have your images for posterity and reprinting, but you'll also have print items custom made for you. See the Product Page to watch videos and see pictures of the amazing albums or prints you'll get.

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Why do you include matted prints? Why don't you just do the files for us?

I have been in business for the last 15 years, and I've learned that while most people want to have the digital images, not many people actually do anything with them once they have them. I have clients from years ago that never printed their photos. I get it, people are busy and it just gets put off. Why have them made at all if you're not going to enjoy them? Your kids and family deserve to live on your walls, not tucked away in your desk drawer under some old papers. Me making them for you makes sure that you have them to hang.

How long will it take us to get our images or albums?

After your session, it'll be about a week to see images. I always provide a sneak peek of your photos within a week of your photo session. Around the end of that week, you'll be called back into my studio for your ordering appointment. After your ordering appointment, it takes about 2 weeks for prints to come in, and about 4 weeks for albums to come back. I'll let you now when everything is ready to be picked up, or I'll be mailing it to you if you're super far out of town.

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