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What should we wear? - Right after a family session is booked, this is the very first question everyone asks. It's confusing! You know you don't want to do that 80's thing where everyone was in jeans and white shirts, but oh my gosh where do you even start?!?

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So as a photographer, I want to show off your family and your children's faces, not their clothes. I find that solid colors are best near faces, with a minimal pattern or print being okay elsewhere. Do not dress your kids in their favorite cartoon character's shirt. You want timeless portraits, not an homage to SpongeBob.

For families, you’ll want to stick to outfits with the same tone or pair of tones; blue and brown for example. In any session, layer, layer, layer! Layers of clothing (weather permitting) add depth and texture to your images. You want to go for two to three colors and then dress everyone in layers and shades of those colors. Grey/Plum, Brown/Blue/Cream, Black/White, Grey/Blue, Green/Brown/Blue.. etc Too many colors just looks a hot mess, and one person that doesn’t have them all just looks like an afterthought. This is easier to manage in cooler seasons than it is in mid summer.

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I usually pick the toddler girl outfit first and build everyone else around those colors because you never know what’ll be in season when you’re buying, and it’s easier to buy adult clothes in odd colors than trying to find a black shirt for a toddler in summertime. Also make sure you remember to include the shoes. It's hard to see a great wardrobe where everyone has on grey and plum, except for the boy who has neon yellow shoes. See my helpful pinterest board for a quick and easy visual: https://www.pinterest.com/heatherannl/what-to-wear-families/

Favorite brands or stores:

Chasing Fireflies - carries adorable girls dresses for spring and fall sessions. Usually has similar dresses that go together for sisters.

Mustard Pie - mostly girls (some boy vests and ties) clothing with fun patterns. Can get very busy very fast, so only use this brand if you have one or two girls to dress.

Persnicketey Clothing - very limited editions and quantities, but if you can manage to buy, it's one of my favorite brands because of the colors. Girls only.

H&M - this store is a complete toss up. Sometimes you'll go in and find the cutest baby boy clothes ever and all the ladies stuff looks like you'd be arrested for wearing it, other times you will find amazing things for you and nothing for kids.

Tutu du monde - girls only, short sweet light dresses with lots of layers. Hard to match colors though, and not really suitable for fall.

Tea collection - babies and toddlers super soft and adorable. Girls and boys, especially cute for ages 2 and under.

Ele Story - stinking adorable girls and moms. Best for toddlers.