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I received this email this morning and it just about made me cry. ❤️❤️ "Heather, just wanted to let you know that I got my album on Thursday, and Cami and I immediately sat down with great expectations to see if it would be all that we hoped it would be. Here are our immediate reactions:

Cami--"Mom, can we look at it, again? I just want to see it once more..." Quickly followed with, "How does she get it that sharp, Mom?" (You see, she's heard enough from me about picking apart what works in pictures and what doesn't and she's starting to notice and speak the language of photography!) Followed with, "It doesn't even look real." Of course I pointed out that you are so good at knowing what kind of lens is perfect for the picture you are trying to take and you notice the best light, etc., etc., etc. and that's why Miss Heather gets the best pictures. 🙂

Deanna--running through my mind while in dialogue with Cami. "This might be my favorite album of the two now." "I'm so, so, so glad we made the design decisions we did. The silver leather cover. The gray background with "Life is a Fairytale" script. The simpler design without embellishment." "I absolutely love the combination of pictures on each page and the overall layout." "I'd be hard pressed to find something I'd want to change." Saturday we got out both of the albums and looked at them one after the next. And, we decided that we love them both equally and that each works on its own exactly as it should for what it is. The brown, tooled-leather album for Cami as a young, impish fairy is lavish and rich in complement to the WA landscape. And, the more serene, spare album coordinates with Cami as a more mature young girl and friend to unicorns. Together, they are the stuff of what one would find in a Fairytale library.

And, so, we basked in the pleasure of our two albums--glad we made the effort to do our two shoots even if a lot of people might think we were crazy for flying across states to do so.
Cami asked me with a trace of wistfulness if I think we'll ever do another album, again. That, Heather, should tell you everything you need to know. Thank you."

1/800; f/1.4; ISO 250; 105.0 mm.

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