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Fairy Princess Portraits

I love this photo. Why? It has a story. This photo doesn’t really tell much of a story in itself, true. It’s beautiful and graceful. Her hair falls just so, the dress moves with her to create an eye catching sweep to the ground. I can see the light through the trees, the sun just kisses the crown and the top of her head. It’s lovely, but that’s not why I love it.

No, the reason I love this image is because there are no bathrooms at the Botanical Gardens. Oh, there are, but I usually shoot for best light, which means that the bathrooms are in locked buildings by the time I begin the sessions. So this was near the end of the sessions, bathrooms long since locked and this sweet, perfect princess with her perfect pink dress and her perfect blonde natural curls.. she says “Mommy? I have to potty.”

Mom of course looks right at me and I have to tell her there are no bathrooms open. To which she turns to her precious daughter and says “No potties here, sweetie, can you hold it?” and baby girl says in a willowy voice “I’ll try.” So, we’re on the way back to the car so they can leave and go get her to the potty, and she just can’t hold it anymore. No potties, not close to the car.. and we’re just going to have to pee in the woods.

I assure mom that it’s not the first time (it wasn’t), and it’s super easy (it is). All we have to do is watch for people walking by, slip her undies off, and hold the dress up over her head and let her squat in the woods. As we’re doing this, mom and I looking at each other, laughing our butts off. This is like the bridesmaids holding the wedding dress out of the toilet so the bride can use the bathroom. Poor daughter is just going and going and going and we look down and there’s a tiny little river coming from under all this fluff in our hands. She finally finishes, looks up and says “OH, I feel better!” We put the dress down, undies back on and off she goes.

And yes, that’s why I love this image. Just one minute before this was taken, she was peeing in the woods.

1/250; f/1.8; ISO 250; 85.0 mm.

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