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Athens maternity and newborn photographer

Feel beautiful. Look glamorous. Have elegant photos for a lifetime.

Maternity photo sessions

Motherhood is a beautiful experience. Each pregnancy is different, and each new baby has their own personality! Every mother and mother-to-be deserves to feel completely pampered and entirely beautiful during the course of her pregnancy. Fairyography provides a unique client experience for mothers wanting a posh portrait session. Get all dolled up at my studio for the most feminine and elegant photos you've ever had of yourself. I provide couture gowns and a make up artist for every photo shoot. Look and feel like a model!

Newborn Photo Sessions

New babies are a precious bundle. They change so much in the first few days being born, and that time can never go backwards. Remember the tiny bundle days with glamorous elegant photos of your new baby girl. Lots of flowers, tiny props, and sophisticated pictures.

Fairyography has always been happy to serve same-sex couples.

Athens Newborn Baby Photographer

Congratulations on your expected baby! I’m pleased you’re here! Whether it’s been a long journey for you or if it's been a surprise, you still want an amazing newborn photographer for your newest baby portraits. You’ve been looking at photographers all over town because you know you want photos of those first few days because it all changes so fast, but you have no clue what you should be looking for. How do you know you’ll get what you want?

My newborn photography

If you want glam and feminine newborn portraits, we'll be perfect for each other! My style is simple, clean, and neutral. You can expect to have the best images of your tiny baby with the most gorgeous flowers and props. I have 12+ years of experience with newborns, and I know how to pose a baby with safety. Complicated poses are photoshopped together in pieces so your baby is never in any unsafe situations. You can come into the studio confident knowing that I will give you amazing portraits and treat your precious bundle with care.

How your newborn photo session will go

You want a photographer who will do more than just hand you a disc and leave you to do all the work yourself. I provide a cohesive gallery that will all go together so that when you’re picking images for a wall gallery or birth announcement that they all look good together. I do all the work at your photo session, you just sit back and relax. Before you arrive for your session, I’ve already set up and warmed the studio. After your session, you get to show off your sneak peeks on facebook or instagram, then when you come in for your ordering appointment I help you compare your images and put together your custom albums or birth announcements. You can even order birth announcements with your return address already printed. It’s so easy!

See the Newborn Gallery!

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When you should book your newborn session

Pregnancy term is about 38 weeks, so if you go into labor early you may miss scheduling if you haven't booked already. You should book your newborn photos for about a week after your due date and we'll adjust things from there when baby actually arrives. Most expectant mothers call around 20 weeks along.

I accept just 3 newborn sessions a month to allow for time enough for sessions and varying client childbirth dates.

When newborn photos should be taken

Newborn pictures should be taken in the baby's first 6-10 days after being born. After that, baby is less sleepy, less curly, and the photos are just not as 'brand new baby' feeling. You'll pre-book your session and then notify me within 48 hours of the baby being born so we can finalize the session date.

What you need for a newborn session

I provide everything needed for newborn sessions, including outfits, headbands, bonnets, hats, props and more. I even have flattering dresses for the new mom if wanting to capture your first family portrait together.

If we're having the session at your home, you'll need to turn up the heat in the house and find some old towels for me. That's it! If you're coming to the studio for your newborn photos, then I'll have everything except for the things you need for feeding and changing the baby. Bring more diapers and more formula (if you're using it) than you think you'll need, even if baby is on a schedule.

You're welcome to bring family sentimental things to use for your photo session, like blankets or jewelry.

If you're doing sibling or parent portraits with your new baby, you'll want to pick out simple white, nude, grey, or black tops for everyone. Be very mindful of bra straps and how your hands look. Be sure your nails are neat since your hands will certainly be shown in the photos. Siblings should also have neat fingernails (make sure no chipped nail polish, please) and clothes should fit well, not too big.

Where to take newborn photos

At home or at the studio? Each has advantages!

  1. At home newborn portrait sessions: I would come to your home with all of my lights and supplies. These are available on any day. These can be wonderful for new moms who aren't ready to leave the house or would prefer their own space. A home session may not be the best if you have loud dogs or other children making noise through the session.
  2. Studio newborn portrait sessions: You come to my studio in the Athens Five Points area. I only book weekend newborns at my studio in town because it's a shared space and I don't want the rest of the people working there to have to work through a crying baby. These are great for the mom who needs to get out of the house a bit and have some quiet time.

Best Newborn Photographers in Athens

Heather Lickliter Larkin - 706-338-4414 - 1720 South Lumpkin Ave Athens GA 30606

Athens, Watkinsville, and into Atlanta - Available for travel to Seattle, Portland, and New Orleans