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Unique Dance Photography Athens GA

Unique ballet photos are part of a dancer's image. There are only so many ways to move the human body, and yet every body is different and can do things a bit differently from others. Dance is an art form and while technically perfect poses and dance moves are crucial, one must also have a passion and a personal style to bring to the table, other wise it's just dead inside. So finding a photographer who can capture uniquely personal images of the art form that is dance is tough.

I always begin each dance photo session with a few questions. What they feel they're best at, what about their own bodies that they like the best, what their dance teacher always tells them not to do, and how flexible they are. This dancer told me that her favorite thing is non-traditional poses that show off her muscles. She's short, so she doesn't have the stereotypical dancer's willowy legs and skinny long body, so she often struggles with feeling out of place. But she has a lot of power and strength, so that's what we highlighted for her photos. This jump is actually one not commonly performed by women, more often male dancers do this one. The juxtaposition of the flowing skirt here with the hard muscle tone of her back makes for a very exceptional photo. Getting movement in a still photo is difficult. This skirt was gorgeous but it's meant to be used with a crop top or a sports bra, so it has 'underwear' inside of it. Getting that to not look like an actual diaper was really tough!
This girl is tiny, but she's a powerhouse, so she can do a lot of the high jumps that the guys in ballet are taught. I love her personality and how she is always down for whatever.

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Keywords: UGA Founder's Garden and North Campus (24). 1/2000; f/1.4; ISO 500; 105.0 mm.

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