How It Works

You look at her and it hits you.. how much longer will she play with those dolls? When will she stop pretending? She’s getting so tall now, and it’s so fast! Capture these moments before they’re gone forever. She’s only this little.. once upon a time.

Fairy sessions are super fun to watch for you. Watch as your baby girl smiles as she’s getting her wings or being crowned. See her flit through the forest on her tiptoes. Listen to her giggle and laugh. Be mesmerized by your baby as she twirls in the sunset. This is what fun is all about.

How it works:
I provide the dresses, wings, and accessories for girls sizes 2T – 14. Sessions also include a trip to the salon for hair and light makeup just prior to the photos for girls 5 or older. The session fee covers multiple girls in the family, you don’t pay twice for two girls. 

Use the contact button in the menu above, call me at 706-338-4414, or email me at to talk about your photo session. We’ll chat about exactly what kind of experience you want your girl (or girls) to have and what she’ll wear.

I’ll send you an email, all you do is click the link to fill out the booking form to pay for your day, then show up and have fun!

Each custom made dress has matching accessories. Flowers, wands, crowns, wings, also sessions can include other props to help tell the story.

  • Most wings are fully strapless, making her super comfy.
  • Each dress has matching accessories for multiple ages. Baby girl doesn’t wear a crown? We’ll put a barrette or clippie on her instead.
  • Each dress is made from soft, swooshy material for maximum movement, because who doesn’t love twirling?
  • Depending on the theme for your session, I will bring extra props to make it more magical of an experience. Wands to hold, glitter to blow, it’ll all just add to her fun.

If your lovely girl is old enough to be safe around a curling iron (5 years old an up), your session will include a trip to our wonderful partner salon, Blonde Beauty Bar!
Teri or Amy will pamper your daughter and give her a princess or fairy ‘do  and some light makeup right before the photo session takes place. I will suggest a style based on your girl’s personality and hair length or the dress she’ll be wearing, but Mommy of course has full veto power in case there’s a style you particularly like or don’t like on her. After we leave the salon, we’ll go  to the gardens to get dressed, since the dress and wings are too big to drive in!

Fairyography photo sessions are all about being magical and having fun. I pride myself of being silly enough to get REAL smiles and giggles so real you can hear them in the pictures.
I sing, I dance, I twirl, we play games. Potty humor has been known to happen.
I work hard to make a relaxed, easygoing atmosphere. I am always very patient with my little subjects and take my time making them feel like the little princesses or fairies we know they are.I’m covered in dirt and leaves or grass when I get through with a session because I’m all over the ground or standing on rocks to get the most fun angles for photos. They love watching me make a fool out of myself!

Season Calendar:

  • Jan 1st – March 20th – Ice Fairies! Ice fairies are blue toned and look like something right out of Frozen! I add in snow and ice to the final photos. Sessions take place around 3:30pm
  • March 20th – April 10th – Sometime in here the peach orchard blooms. I never know exactly when, but they usually blossom for about 10 beautiful days. Sessions happen around 6:30pm
  • April 10th – May 31st – Spring and green! The leaves are back on the trees, the weather is warm, and flowers blossom! Sessions happen around 6:30pm
  • June 1st – August 31st – Summer. Lush and green, but hot in the evening. These shoots don’t include the salon because it’s not open early enough, so these discounted sessions are perfect for girls under 5. Sessions happen at 8am
  • September 1st – October 31st – Later summer. Evenings are nice again and the greens are a deeper color, flowers still blooming. Sessions happen around 5:30pm
  • November 1st – November 20th – Fall! The leaves change to orange for just two weeks, with peak beauty being around the 12th. Then they all turn brown and fall off the trees. Sessions happen around 4:30pm
  • November 20th – January 1st – Ice fairies again! Ice fairies are blue toned and look like something right out of Frozen! I add in snow and ice to the final photos. Sessions take place around 3:30pm

Then I:
Edit your photos, bringing out the beauty of your girl or girls while getting rid of icky boogies or ouchie bruises.  I add in the little touches that make the images truly magical and one of a kind.

Then we:
After the images are done having their magic added, I’ll email or call you for your ordering appointment. You come in with me, we go through your images together so you’re not overwhelmed having to do it alone online. I’ll help you through your choices in about and hour to an hour and a half.

Compare images side by side and hear which will look best on what product. See and touch the albums and canvas wraps, the mini books and prints. You KNOW exactly what you’re getting and when.