This session was shot on location in the Seattle area. These girls’ mother is a photographer friend of mine who asked me to come out and make magic for her daughters. We planned this epic three-day session taking place in the Seattle area, then onwards to Rainier, Sol Duc falls, the town of Forks (yes, where the vampires live), and finally into the Hoh rainforest. We met unicorns and swung on swings, played in waterfalls, laid on mossy forest beds, saw giant trees, and came home full of pixie dust.

The dresses were specially ordered in a shade of ivory to match the unicorns. We painted his hooves silver (with special hoof paint) and gave him a horn. All he wanted was crunchy apple treats, so he was happy to do anything we wanted. I created a moss covered rope swing with flowers and lanterns.

Day two we went to a big giant waterfall and the rocks were so huge that the girls looked like they were pasted in. It was a bit crazy for me because I was terrified something would happen to them the whole time. Nothing did, of course, but I still worried. We had a big laugh on the trails because we had so many people stop the girls for pictures, as you can see from the behind the scenes photos.

*Washington Photography Session Sponsored by  Jennifer Wilcox Photography 

* Unicorns Fred the Horse and Jerry the mini horse Sponsored by Rainier Therapeutic Riding

Unicorn Sisters
Unicorn Sisters E
Unicorn Sisters K
Unicorn Sisters S
Unicorn Sisters Tree
Unicorn Sisters Dress
Unicorn Sisters Game
Unicorn Sisters Forest
Unicorn Sisters Bird
Unicorn Sisters Trio
Unicorn Sisters Moss
Unicorn Hooves
Unicorn Sisters Dress Back
Unicorn Sisters Paddypillar
Unicorn Sisters Swing
Unicorn Sisters Snuggle