Lovely mermaid in green. This swimable tail not only is easy to use, but it looks amazing in photos. I love the golden sun glinting off the water's shimmering surface. We made sure to get glitter in her hair and skin, and mom had fun carrying her everywhere we needed to move her. And by fun what Ireally mean is slipping on algae and falling onto the rocks and ending up with a giant bruise on her hip. I felt SO bad! Lucky mom was only bruised and little girl was shocked but not hurt at all. I smelled like an aquarium after this shoot because I had to shoot half of it from the water also, which meant sitting up to my neck in the sandy water on this little creek. It was so nasty, but you do what you gotta do for good photos.

Mermaid Photographer
Mermaid Laugh
Mermaid Headshot
Mermaid Splash
MermaidTail 3
Mermaid Tail 2
Mermaid Sunset
Mermaid Shallow
Mermaid Laying
Mermaid Water
Mermaid Rock
Mermaid Tail
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Mermaid In the River
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