A styled fairy photo session taking place at a lavender farm near Seattle. I actually am allergic to lavender, but when you get a chance to do a photo session a place as pretty as a lavender farm, you do it! The farm was utterly gorgeous, so I didn't want to compete with the scenery by choosing busy outfits, so these white dresses were picked to be pretty but still simple. White dresses with minimal ornamentation and the transparent fairy wings were all I wanted on the girls. Adding in lavender plucked right from the farm to their hair made it super special. June sunset is late in the Pacific Northwest, so we finished up with the spectacular sunset on a hill at about 9pm! These ladies are a treat to work with every time. The sunset on the hill was the last part of the shoot, so I'd been in the field for about an hour and a half before that. My nose was a wreck, and the last shot done and the middle girls looked at me funny so I sniffed and said "What?".. she replies "Miss Heather, I think you need medical attention..."

Lavender Fairies Hillside
Lavender Fairies Back
Lavender Fairies Vertical
Lavender Fairies Haze
Lavender Fairies Bee
Lavender Fairies Smiles
Lavender Fairies Scene
Lavender Fairies Trio
Lavender Fairies Laugh
Lavender Fairies Portrait
Lavender Fairies Profile
Lavender Fairies Games
Lavender Fairies Twirl
Seattle Lavender Farm Photographer