I wanted to have a videographer shoot a whole session for me and have something super unique for the session theme. I wanted to build a swing that looked like something I'd never seen before, so I had my husband keep his eye out for something we could use for a circle swing. He found a pair of steel hoops on the farm he works on. So I put them together with a wider bottom for seating, and wrapped them in flower garlands. 

For her outfit, I knew I wanted a skirt that looked like a garden of flowers, so I glued flowers to a short, fluffy petticoat. Her top needed to be plain pink so it wouldn't be too busy right up by her face. Her transparent fairy wings and gatsby style floral headpiece completed the look.  

I had a few bouquets of real flowers the day of the session as well for a whole secret garden look. 

Flower Fairy Glitter
Flower Fairy Laugh
Flower Fairy Mason Jars
Flower Fairy Scene
Flower Fairy Roses
Flower Fairy Toes
Flower Fairy Headshot
Flower Fairy
Flower Fairy Swing
Flower Fairy Sunset
Flower Fairy Feet
Flower Fairy Face
Flower Fairy Keys
Flower Fairy Petals

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