This session was done on location in Austin Texas. The mom of these kids has been an online friend of mine for a decade now. Mom wanted a session for all three of her kids in fall colored outfits. The girls are in wild copper fairy dresses and her son is in a green woodsman outfit. I hand painted his bow and arrows, and out location was actually a flooded park in Austin. It was super awesome but the whole shoot was a calamity of errors. So just about everything that could go wrong did. First, I got there in between flood days. It had flooded the Austin airport the day before I got there, and again the day after I left. I didn't know where I'd be shooting, so we drove around the city for a day looking for a park with trees in it. Finally the last place we found (there aren't that many trees in Texas!) was this park.. except that half of it had flooded the day before. I was thinking "fine, we'll just avoid the flooded parts, no biggie'. So the night and next day is full of crafting the bits for this boy's outfit. I painted a toy bow and arrow set from the store and made him some nicer looking arrows, then laid out all of the costume bits for the next day. The next evening, we're on the way to the shoot and we get a flat tire. OMG, no kidding. So get that done, get hair done, arrive at the park and now it's more area that's flooded and there's seriously a fitness camp going on in what's NOT flooded. So here I am trying to find a spare bit of grass and trees that isn't covered in water or screaming fitness instructors.. and I left the boy's pants at home. I worked with the girls while mom went to go get the right pants. Finally she's back and I decide that the sun coming through the trees in this one spot should be gorgeous.. I get over there and it's in the water. Fine! Actually, it's great because the light reflects off the water and it's beautiful. I'm 6ft tall, so that means I have to be on my knees.. in the water. Which turns out to be a submerged volleyball court. It's pure mud and it smells hideous. I had to sit on bags for the ride home because the seats didn't need to be all nasty.

Autumn Woods Fairies Sunset Flood
Autumn Woods Fairies Sweet
Autumn Woods Fairies Flood
Autumn Woods Fairies Oldest
Autumn Woods Fairies Water
Autumn Woods Fairies Sister
Autumn Woods Fairies Brother
Autumn Woods Fairies Hood
Autumn Woods Fairies Giggle
Autumn Woods Fairies Laugh
Autumn Woods Fairies Eyes
Autumn Woods Fairies Trio
Autumn Woods Fairies Portrait
Autumn Woods Fairies Scene
Autumn Woods Fairies
DIY Arrows