This horse was SUCH a pain but really a fun project for me to work on at home. I went looking for carousel horses on Craigslist and found what I thought was a great one, but after driving two hours to get there, we loaded her up and found out that she was plastic.. and had come from a smoker’s home. A little internet research later and I find out that she’s a converted hobby horse. She started life as one of those spring-horses that kids bounce on. The hot glued flowers covered the holes where the springs used to be. Her first bath (it took three to get the smoke smell out). I scraped all the hot glue off too, thank goodness I was already planning to repaint her since I took off a lot of paint too. FINALLY, she was done. Repainted, added a horn, cleaned the brass, added ribbons, filled her with industrial foam, and gave her a new base for stability, she was ready for some princesses!

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