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Ballet in the photography studio is different from ballet in the dance studio. For one, all your arms and legs have to arrive at the same time. Timing the photo at the peak of the jump or leap means the photographer gets just one split second shot to get the full pose before it begins to come down for landing. That can't happen if the arms arrive before the legs do, or even worse if the legs are at peak when the arms are still coming up. That means the ballet dancer and the photographer have to really work together to make sure they both know when and where the shot will happen. For this, most photographers who shoot dance photography use one-shot mode. In the studio, the recycle time of the lights means that if you burst mode then the light will be dimmer on the second shot. This means that the photographer needs to be experienced enough with dance and photography to know when the peak of the pose or jump is, and press the button right before that. As Rachel Neville (an amazing dance photographer in New York) says "If you can see it through the viewfinder, you've missed it. Toes must be pointed, the face relaxed, arms up, legs out.. it's a hard thing to get right!

Keywords: Studio (99). 1/160; f/7.1; ISO 100; 135.0 mm.

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