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Christmas Tree Photo Sessions

In Home Christmas Tree Photo Sessions

Holiday Tree Photographer - Sigma Award Winner

You know that feeling that you get on Christmas eve, when you turn out all the lights and it's just the room lit by the Christmas tree glow? Maybe the house still smells like fresh baked cookies you made with your kids. Maybe you're still working on those last few Santa gifts or adding a few more ornaments. It's a calm quiet, magical feeling of both tranquility and yet anticipation. In a few hours, the presents will be opened and the house will be full of giggles, but on Christmas eve it's still and waiting. I love that feeling. That peaceful, warm glow of the lights in a still room.

You wish you could just catch all the feeling forever. I want to make that photo for you. Your tree with your decorations, your home, your special memories. Capture that feeling year after year to watch your children grow with the same glow and the same magic.

Christmas tree photo sessions - November 23rd - December 23rd 2021

Available for homes in Athens, Watkinsville, Bogart, and surrounding areas. All adults will be masked (including me) and I will only be in your home for 30 minutes tops. $550 for 7-10 photos. Clicking the Book Now button below will take you to a short form to fill out. You'll then automatically get an email reply to finish booking.

When to photograph

Christmas tree photo shoot for family in Athens Georgia

Christmas tree portrait sessions are available as soon as you get your tree up and some presents under it. Some people even wrap or bag empty boxes. After Thanksgiving to a few days before Christmas is a great time.

What you need

Christmas eve photographer

  1. A Christmas tree - Decorate it the way you normally do, just add more lights.
  2. A house local-ish to Athens or Watkinsville GA.
  3. Children under 12 - I don't think teens will be too excited about matching jammies or Santa magic.
  4. LOTS of lights on the tree. No really, if you think you have enough, add more lights.
  5. Matching pajamas or nighties for the kids. Less is more on the pattern.
  6. Wrapped presents under the tree. Bags, boxes, tissue, ribbon, it doesn't matter as long as it looks like the night before Christmas.
  7. 30 minutes after dark.

How a Christmas tree session goes

Christmas Tree Photo Sessions Athens GA

Photo session night: If you have a fireplace near the tree, turn it on before I get there. If you have stockings hung with candles, lip balm, or chocolate in them, make sure you move them as those things will melt. You'll need to have the kids ready for photos, already dressed in jammies. Have Christmas books, favorite ornaments, snow globes, nutcrackers, pets, dolls, or any other holiday-themed props you'd like to include. I'll arrive at your appointment time, at your house. I'll move any furniture needed and we'll begin. I'll lead the kids through a series of quick pictures and we'll be done before they get too wiggly!

Heather Lickliter Larkin - 706-338-4414 - 1720 South Lumpkin Ave Athens GA 30606

Athens, Watkinsville, and into Atlanta - Available for travel to Seattle, Portland, and New Orleans