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A photo session for dance, gymnastics, or aerialist photographs on the urban streets of downtown Athens GA or in my studio. Athletics aren't just sports. They require large amounts of strength, endurance, effort, and willpower. These photos are meant to show off your athleticism, grace, and beauty. With over 10 years of portrait photography experience, light, color, and form are things I understand well.

If you're a student dancer, a dancer in a company or solo, or even an instructor, stunning promotional material is essential. Maybe you're a hobbyist doing trapeze, or even a professional gymnast and you just want good photos of you doing what you've worked years on.

Most of my photos for athletes share something in common: air space. I think 99% my sleeping dreams are flying dreams. I love flight and I want to show the beauty of it to everyone. Look up the hashtag #elevatedform on instagram to see how you can defy gravity too. Be prepared to be a spectacle also. Pointe dancers in the streets draw a crowd sometimes.

Currently accepting dancers, gymnasts, aerialists, and other athletes who can do interesting things in the air. Age 10 and up. Contact me for portfolio building rates.

Dancewear for your ballet photoshoot

As a portrait and dance photographer, I get asked a lot about wardrobe. "What should I wear?" is of almost as much importance as what poses you can do or what dance jumps you have practiced. So I've put together a quick list on what you should be wearing for your dance or athletics photoshoot.

Dance photographer in Athens Dance Studio Photography Athens Movement Photography

Things to pay attention to:

1: Form fitting or flowing? The way fabric moves in a photo can block or accentuate your body lines. I prefer form fitting either all over or at least for the top half of the body. A dress that looks like a sack is going to do you no favors in a photo even if it's easy to move in. In the same thinking, a pair of jeans that make your butt look great but that you can't move as well in will also not help you.

2: Tutus: Tutus are fun and classic in the ballerina world, but unless they are super stiff, they flip up when you jump and block body lines, If I can only see your face and your legs because your tutu flipped up and covered your middle, it's not a very flattering photo. Pancake or platter tutus need to be super duper stiff in order to avoid this. Great for standing poses, not so great for leaps.

3: Leotards: Stick to mostly solid colors, though a light pattern can be gorgeous. Avoid something too 'loud'. Also make sure your leotard doesn't ride up or down too much. Do a few jumping jacks in place.. if it shows off half of your butt or you have to keep pulling it back up, pick another one.

4: Tights: Don't wear tights at all unless required for audition photos. They catch the light in odd ways in studio, and make your legs look a different color than your arms.

5: Shoes: Your own preferred brand of pointe shoes are of course what you'll be bringing, but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Athens Ballet Photographer Unique Dance Photography Athens GA Athens dance photographer

Brands: Clothing brands that I've seen and I know usually photograph well in the studio include: Body wrappers, Motionwear, Bloch, Russian Pointe, Grishko, Capezio, and Athleta.

Heather Lickliter Larkin - 706-338-4414 - 1720 South Lumpkin Ave Athens GA 30606

Athens, Watkinsville, and into Atlanta - Available for travel to Seattle, Portland, and New Orleans