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Cutest Places for Baby Photos

5 Cutest Places for Baby Pictures

What are the best places for baby portraits? There are a lot of places to take portraits, but what are the super cutest?

1: Your house

I tell you, I love babies at home. They're comfortable, they're smiley, and there is totally nothing cuter than babies in beds. Babies are going to be more relaxed at home and they feel safe. As stranger welcomed into the home is going to be automatically much safer than some random person coming up to them in the park and trying to get them to smile. Scheduling is going to be easier as well, since we know how baby acts at home and we don't have to worry about the weather. Plus, babies in beds. Seriously.

In Home Baby Photo Sessions Athens GA

2: In the middle of a field

Out in the middle of nowhere, there are no distractions (besides the grass) so not only is all the focus on the baby, BUT all the baby's focus is on ME. As the photographer, I want to see the baby's adorable eyes. But if the baby is looking all over instead of me, that means I have to get really loud or silly behind the camera in order get her attention. That overwhelms her quickly, which means our session time will be shorter before she decides she's totally over the stupid sounds I'm making and through with the session entirely.

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3: In a hat

Is there anything (besides babies in beds, we all know how I feel about that) cuter than a toboggan hat on an infant? I don't know what it is about the little earflaps, but it's so stinking precious! Any hat will help frame the baby's face and give them a different look to add variety into your final images. It also gives the baby or toddler something to interact with, which can be helpful in getting a wiggly kid to stay where you want them while they play with this new thing on their head.

Sitting mile stone photo session in Oconee County Georgia

4: In a basket or bucket or chair

Adding texture into portraits is always important, but you don't want to compete with the baby's cute face. The basket or chair or whatever is going to ass visual interest and variety into your images without making the final piece look like a hot mess. The crawling baby in a container of some type is also easier to manage, especially in a studio.

 Athens gA Studio baby photographer

5: With siblings

Babies with brothers and sisters might be cuter than babies in bed. Maybe. I think seeing the snuggles and giggles between close pals is adorable. And who doesn't want to hang a gorgeous portrait of their kids on their wall? See the siblings section for some fun examples!

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