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As a family photographer, the busy season is always fall when it's time for holiday cards and gifts! Christmas or more, lots of people give photos as gifts. It's always amazing as a photographer to know that your clients give gifts of what you have created for them. So, how do you get great holiday cards and gifts of your photos?

Well, first off you have to have the pictures, which means you have to have a photographer lined up. Do you ask that cousin you know with the nice camera and hope they don't cut off all your head in the photos, or wade though google trying to figure out who is actually good with kids? Next you have to figure out what your family is wearing. Try to make it all look good together instead of a hot mess. Make sure your daughter doesn't tear a hole in the shirt you wanted her to wear while making sure your son doesn't sneak his spongebob into the photos. Then you have to somehow manage to get your whole family fed, dressed, to the shoot, and not have anyone fall into the mud or knock out a tooth on the way there. Durring the shoot, you have to manage to not kill anyone while trying to sit and smile for the camera. If you're really lucky, your photographer is hysterical and can make the kids laugh through an hour of shooting.. if not someone will melt down after 15 minutes. After your photos are taken, then what? You still have to get them printed up yourself and make cards and albums or prints or whatever. It's enough to make you want to give up before you even begin.

Or you can go the easy way. You need a photographer who knows children and can manage a grumpy husband. I was a preschool teacher for years and kids are EASY. As for clothing, you can just follow my tips on my info page here on picking a good family wardrobe for photos, and you can also see the 'what to wear' category on the blog. Next up you need to work with your photographer to decide where you'll have your photos done. Location can change the feeling of the final images in a huge way. Conveniently I also have a list of top 10 places to shoot in Athens and Watkinsville so you can get the look you want. Then once I get the images done, you'll come to my studio for a quick ordering appointment and every product you buy will be printed for you! So easy!

Read more about family portraits on my Athens Family Photographer info page.

Location: Botanical Gardens, Athens, GA.

Keywords: Botanical Gardens (74). 1/800; f/2.2; ISO 500; 85.0 mm.

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