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At home family portraits Watkinsville

What to expect: in your home session


When we arrive at your home, we’ll bring in a heater, a beanbag and a few other items for the session. We will wander the house looking for the best room for photos and then set up the heater there. We’ll ask you to loosen or remove the baby’s diaper (elastic marks on the legs) and feed him/her to put her to sleep. Once the baby is mostly out, you’ll put the baby in the warm beanbag and we will shake the beanbag a little to get him/her the rest of the way out. Once asleep, you’ll see us leave the baby alone for another few minutes just to make sure he/she is fully out, then we will start posing the baby. We’re always very gentle, but you’ll be surprised the baby will sleep through what we do. Usually the baby will wake up about halfway through the session, but another feeding will usually konk them out again. Be aware that the baby will be unclothed for the entire session, so poo and wee are an unfortunate part of every newborn session. We have many blankets for that very reason, and being ‘gotten’ by the baby isn’t uncommon either.

Older Babies

When we arrive at your home, we will wander the house looking for the best room for photos and then set up there. Usually we’ll pick two or three places with some fun furniture and good light. Then we will ask about outfits; we usually end up going through the child’s closet with the parent and picking out the best outfits to go in the rooms we want to use. Most often we use a room with a large bed for some of the photos because babies seem to really have a good time on big beds. Sometimes we have the kids in clothes on the beds, but usually they have the most fun when it’s diapers only.


Older kids are so much fun! We usually start off a session with random chatter. What they like, dislike, hobbies, activities, etc. We ask older kids what they would rather do….have mom/dad in on the session or not. Usually, and don’t be offended, they will ask that you wait in the studio meeting area or at some other spot if we are on location. They just don’t feel too terribly comfortable being “themselves” with you watching. We can get that…heck, we do this for a living and hate having our photos taken!
Older kids will usually allow us a few different outfits, a few different backgrounds and a little less time. We can knock out an older child session in 45 minutes to an hour and a half!


When we arrive for an in home family session we can cart in anything from just a camera bag to a full light set up! We DO NOT take backdrops on location.
Usually we look around for where the best light is and a space that can accommodate all family members. We always start with the entire family first because naturally…that is most important ☺ We will do a variety of poses and locations around the house of your family together.
Once we finish with the entire family unit, we move on to individual photos. If we are dealing with young children then we recommend that the parents let us take each of them individually around the house. This is more of a “playtime” for us and there are fewer distractions. We will rotate out children giving them a break so that they don’t feel they are “working” constantly.
Once we finish up individuals we move on to smaller group posing. Children with parents, parents alone, siblings, etc.
We finish up with some random family fun if the kids are up for it and pack it up and leave you to continue on with your day!
In home family sessions can last up to two hours.

Keywords: At Home (15). 1/200; f/2.8; ISO 800; 50.0 mm.

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