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Fall child Photographer

Some of you know that I have some gastrointestinal issues. I don't always get a lot of warning time before needing a bathroom. That was this day. I began this session by having to literally run to go find a potty. I was so embarrassed and I felt utterly unprofessional. I returned, was able to get about 10 minutes of shooting in before I had to leave a second time to run to the bathroom again. As my husband says I almost "needed the brown pants". 🤣

So afterwards I was able to get back to this sweet family and finish up the session, but this one was one of the ones I got in that 10 minutes between toilet trips. I love it because not only is it cute as heck, but this poor mom has the same bathroom problems as me and she understands. I felt physically awful, completely embarrassed, unprofessional... and she just brushed off my apologies with a shrug because she's been there too. This photo is adorable by itself. I mean even the baby is posing!! But it also reminds me that I can get through rough times, and that everyone else also has rough times they don't talk about. Like when you need your brown pants.

Keywords: Siblings (55), UGA Founder's Garden and North Campus (24). 1/320; f/1.4; ISO 400; 105.0 mm.

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