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COVID info and policies

COVID information and policies

Fairyography vax status: I am fully vaccinated with Pfizer, two shots. I will be getting the 3rd shot as it becomes available to the public in September.

We are a community and we can all do our parts to help keep each other healthy. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns. We're in this together!

Disclaimer: This guide is not legal advice. Covid guidelines are changing often, almost weekly now. I might alter or update any information on this page without prior notice. I do my best to make updates and will continue to keep this guide up-to-date.

Current local mask mandates

The Fairyography studio is in Clarke county. Athens-Clarke County is under a mask mandate for indoor areas. Fairyography is enforcing these masking rules and therefore my studio will require masks for all people not being photographed for all appointments in the studio. https://www.accgov.com/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=4815

Policies that I will be enacting for my sessions

  1. If you are sick, I don't want to see you. This may mean that you need to cancel or reschedule your session. I'd rather do this than wind up getting Covid, thanks. If you or anyone in your family have a positive covid test, I will assume that you're going to be a responsible person and stay at home.
  2. Zero tolerance - If I find out that you've had a positive covid test within the three days before your sessions and still came to your session, your photos will be deleted and I will not be working with you in the furture.
  3. If I am sick, I will reschedule as well. I will be keeping my germs to myself, even if they're not covid germs.
  4. Masks required for studio appointments for all people not being photographed. This includes parents while the kids are being photographed, grandparents who have come with, etc. The fewer people you have with you, the less chance there is that someone is infected.
  5. Masks are not required for outdoor sessions at this time.
  6. I will be sanitizing all surfaces in the studio in between clients/families. All appointments will be spaced to allow me to clean in between. I know that current evidence is that this is mostly passed via the air in droplets, but we can't be too careful with our children.


If you're sick or if you've had a positive Covid test. then you need to be at least 10 days out from the onset of symptoms before I want to see you. So if you need to reschedule, feel free to do so. I use Calendly so picking another date is a breeze.

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