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Coronavirus and your photos

Coronavirus in Athens GA and how it affects your photo sessions.

Fairyography is still open and booking for sessions in September and onward. I am following all CDC guidelines and social distancing.

Available: Fairytale sessions for everyone outdoors. I can photograph these while 6+ft away, so I am booking for these. I will not be taking more than one session a day so that I can minimize risk. Since we have actually gotten a spring this year instead of skipping straight into summer, take advantage of the cooler weather and get your portraits made before it's gross outside again.

NOT available: Maternity, newborns, and small babies in the studio. Right now I cannot maintain the needed 6ft distance, so those are being booked for later. I know we all need some magic back in our lives (oh goodness, me too!), but I won't compromise your safety.

Ordering appointments: If you're coming alone then I can see you in the studio for ordering (with a mask for both of us), but if you need to bring the kids or spouse then you'll have a Zoom and facetime ordering appointment instead.

What sessions are affected?

See the STUDIO CALENDAR for special dates.

All sessions affected in the future will either be refunded or you'll be given the option for your session fee to be transferred to another session.

Fairyography policies

Obviously common sense applies here. Wash your hands. If you're sick, I don't want to see you. If your kids are sick, they don't want to have their photo taken anyway, so I don't want to see them. If you're under quarantine, or have had contact with someone who is, I don't want to see you. I don't care how badly you want those photos, if you get me sick by coming to your photoshoot anyway, you won't be getting your photos. I absolutely mean that. If you decide that you'll risk other families and myself by coming to your session when you know you shouldn't be, your photos will not be edited. If I'm sick, you'll be notified and you won't be seeing me.

Will our photo orders be delayed?

Fairyography does work with vendors around the world. I have vendors in New York, New Zealand, Italy,

All orders will be disinfected and allowed to sit for 5 days (long enough for the virus to die on surfaces) before being delivered to you. None of these facilities currently has the virus, and they are operating on schedule.

If I get sick and my house is quarantined, then this will change the delivery or your orders. I'll do my best not to lick your orders.

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