Once upon a time.. in the mid 80’s.
I have a younger sister and brother. I remember my mother took the three of us to Olan Mills for photos at least once a year, if not twice. Photos sometimes included my parents, and every once in a while we got ALL of the extended family in too. This was pre-photoshop. There was no changing colors, no headswaps, no editing hair or glasses.
My mother dressed us all on our best and took us to the studio without fail. Bows in hair, suits and ties for the men and boys, that was just what we did. I don’t remember a time when we didn’t do this, so I’m always astounded when people call me and say “We’ve never had family portraits taken and our youngest is 2!”

That’s me on the far left in the blue dress. Before ugly 80’s hair hit Ohio. The families obviously didn’t work together on wardrobe here, but it was tough to get everyone in for photos when we were in 3 different states. I have no idea what the photographer said to us to get even the baby looking, but it must have been funny.
And there’s the three of us AFTER ugly 80’s hair hit Ohio. note that the wardrobe keeps getting more and more casual. Ugh the vests. Ugh the turtlenecks. 

But these are our memories. Yes the wardrobe could have been better, but you know what? It doesn’t really matter in the long run. That’s what we looked like then. I only care about remembering the faces of my family as the years go by. 

I was posting a blog post this weekend and linking the family portraits this family had done with me over the years, and it was so amazing the look at those and think that I am creating for them what Olan Mills did for my own family. 

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