Washington Travel – Behind the scenes

My favorite part of movies is watching the behind-the-scenes options like the commentary and how they made them.. it’s like being invited  to see the secrets! These are a few of the backstage shots from the Washington shoot with the unicorn from earlier this year!

IMG_1680Moss hot glued to the planks for the swingIMG_1685IMG_1690IMG_1692IMG_1693IMG_1689WilcoxBTS-01WilcoxBTS-02WilcoxBTS-04WilcoxBTS-05IMG_1698IMG_1721WilcoxBTS-14WilcoxBTS-15WilcoxBTS-16WilcoxBTS-17WilcoxBTS-18WilcoxBTS-22WilcoxBTS-28WilcoxBTS-29IMG_1743WilcoxBTS-30IMG_1712IMG_1729WilcoxBTS-34WilcoxBTS-35WilcoxBTS-37IMG_1749WilcoxBTS-41IMG_1746