The best time of year for outdoor portraits

In Georgia, we get all four seasons.. though our summer is like 5 months long! So, what time of year is best for your family portraits? Let’s go through month by month with examples when I have them. 

January: It’s cold, it’s grey, it’s windy, and all the leaves are off the trees at this time of year. Not my favorite. Shoot time is at 3:30pm.

February: It’s even colder, more grey, and windier! If we get snow, this is usually the month we get it. Shoot time is at 3:30pm.

March: The peach orchard usually blooms at the end of March, but that’s all that goes on in March, Leaves are not back yet, but it’s warming up. Shoot time is at 4:30pm.

April: Leaves begin to come back and are usually fully in by the third week of April. It’s warm, but can be rainy. The new grass is a very bright lime colored green. Shoot time is at 5pm.

May: Nicely warm, the grass is pretty and the leaves are full.  Shoot time is at 6pm. Most flowers bloom in May.

June: Beginning to get hot in the evenings, so I switch to morning shoots in June. Shoot time is at 8am.

July: Hotter, still morning shoots only. The dew in the mornings can be rough. Shoot time is at 8am.

August: Hottest. It’s nasty. The humidity is disgusting. Just forget this month even exists unless you’re booking a studio shoot.  Shoot time is at don’t-even-think-about-it.

September: Finally beginning to cool down in the later half of September. I pick back up on evening shoots here, but it can still be a little humid.  Shoot time is at 6pm.

October: Warm and usually not rainy. The greens are a deeper darker green in the leaves and grass, making for pretty fall portraits.  Shoot time is at 5pm.

November: Cool and usually dry. The leaves change the first two weeks of November here with peak usually around mid November. By Thanksgiving the leaves tend to be brown and falling heavily.  Shoot time is at 3:30pm.

December: Cooler and sometimes wet at the end of the month. The leaves are off the trees, but we tend to get a lot of sun still. Shoot time is at 3:30pm.

So as you can see, I think May and October at the best for family portraits, November is best for autumn color, and December makes for the best ice fairies!