How to have a great family session


How to have a great family or sibling session:

Above all, RELAX! I know you’re worried that your kids will act up or that you’ll hate yourself in all your photos. If you’re all worked up for your session, you’ll LOOK stressed in your photos. Not only that, but your kids will know they can push your buttons and they WILL act up. Since I taught pre-k before opening my studio, I’m well versed in toddler-wrangling. I had 11 two year olds in a room for 8 hours.. you don’t have a thing to worry about for your hour and a half session.

Plan your wardrobe carefully. I know it’s super hard, but if your kids are comfortable, the session will be easier. You want to go for two-three medium neutral colors and then dress everyone in layers and shades of those colors. Greys and whites, Browns and greens, etc Too many colors just looks a hot mess, and one person that doesn’t have on all the colors just looks like you picked them up on the street on the way there.
Here’s a whole category on our blog for outfit combos as examples: I usually pick the toddler girl outfit first and build everyone else around those colors because you never know what’ll be in season when you’re buying, and it’s easier to buy adult clothes in odd colors than trying to find a black shirt for a toddler in summertime. My favorite place to start is Chasing Fireflies:

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