Family FAQ



1. What should we wear? – We find that solid colors are best. For families, you’ll want to stick to outfits with the same tone or pair of tones; blue and brown for example. In any session, layer, layer, layer! Layers of clothing (weather permitting) add depth and texture to your images. You want to go for two-three colors and then dress everyone in layers and shades of those colors. Grey/Plum, Brown/Blue/Cream, Black/White, Grey/Blue, Green/Brown/Blue.. etc Too many colors just looks a hot mess, and one person that doesn’t have on all the colors just looks like an afterthought.
Here’s a whole category on our blog for outfit combos as examples: I usually pick the toddler girl outfit first and build everyone else around those colors because you never know what’ll be in season when you’re buying, and it’s easier to buy adult clothes in odd colors than trying to find a black shirt for a toddler in summertime. My favorite place to start is Chasing Fireflies:

2. What time of day is best to schedule our session? – Outdoor sessions are usually scheduled for the early morning or the late afternoon/evening. These time are when the light is at it’s most magical.

3. What types of prints and products do you offer? – I offer a wide variety of products and prints. All prints can be complimentary mounted to styrene to add durability. We also offer complimentary upgrades to metallic paper. Gallery wrapped canvases and press albums are just a couple of our specialty products! Please see the PRODUCT PAGE for examples!

5. How long should I plan for the session to last? – Family or sibling sessions last about an hour and half.

6. How do we see our images? – You’ll get a sneak peek at 4 images on our blog and Facebook. The first time you will see all of your images is at your viewing and ordering appointment! After your ordering appointment, if you would like an online gallery to be made available for friends and family, we will be happy to upload a gallery to our online ordering system for 10 days!

7. Do you take pictures of just the kids at a family session? – Yes! I’d say about 30% of the photos you’ll see are full family shots with everyone in them, then 30% is the kids together, then the rest is the kids alone.