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Thanks for checking on me for a family photo session! I’m pleased you’re here, and I know that a good family portrait matters to you. But you’ve looked at so many photographers your head is spinning. How do you choose? Who is going to be good with your kids? How do you know that they can pose you so you don’t hate your photos when you get them back? It’s tough! You’re already overwhelmed, then you have the session wardrobe to plan, the location to find, prints to do, photos to hang, cards to print or send.. it’s enough to make you just want to quit.

Don’t worry! I’m here to help! My style is simple, clean, and earthy. You can expect to have the best images of your family with minimal props. You want a photographer who will do more than just hand you a disc and leave you to do all the work yourself. I provide a cohesive gallery that will all go together so that when you’re picking images for a wall gallery or book they’ll all look good together.

I taught pre-k before opening my photo studio, so I know how to manage children. A lot of clients tell me how the kids they thought they’d have to bribe spend the next week talking about how fun Miss Heather was. Once you fill out your booking form, I know what your color preferences are and can suggest wardrobe options. I can even pretty much go shopping for you online and just send you thing to order. Before you arrive for your session, I’ve already scouted the locations and picked out the best places. After your session, I edit all of your images to their best, making sure that boogers, cuts (and the odd wrinkle or eye bags) are gone. You get to show off your sneak peeks on facebook, then when you come in for your ordering appointment I help you compare your images and put together your order. You can even order Christmas cards with your return address already printed. It’s so easy!

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