I sometimes get asked about all the crazy things I do, so I went back just to have a look.

I built an 8ft moon once. I shot a fairy session for a grandmother who wanted her tattoos shown off. I did a session that included a 9ft skirt, a leaf blower, and two cars. I built a 6ft bird nest with the help of my husband. I started a circle swing trend in the photography world. I borrowed a taxidermy coyote and moved him for a Red Riding Hood shoot. I lost my mind with all the glitter left over from these shoots. I met a mermaid. I tossed a bed in the ivy. I met two Unicorns in Seattle. I cut 300 paper butterflies and hung them in trees. I made an entire outfit from paper once. I made 6ft fairy wings once. I met Merida from Brave. I built a steampunk Cinderella. I met Marie Antoinette with cake. I hung jars full of flowers from trees. I use some purple smoke grenades in a treasure box.

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