Marley’s nominator writes “Hey Heather.  I would like to nominate Marley Mullins.  She is a 7yr old little girl at my church who has an incredible smile and bubbly personality.  Her dad Josh Mullins recently passed away very unexpectedly leaving her, her mom, and her little brothers to take care of themselves.  Hope, Marley’s mom works full time in social work and is taking care of the kids all by herself.  Marley is a big helper with her little brother Jasper and brings so much joy into whomever’s life she touches.  This would be something really special to help return some of that joy back into her life. “

Marley is just about the giggliest princess I’ve ever met. She came with two flip flops.. and left with just one. So, in an eight-year first, I managed to lose someone else’s shoe. I had her kick her flip flop my direction to get it off her foot and out of the photos, it hooked on her toe, sailed over her head and into the swath of 6ft tall thorny raspberry bushes. Thank goodness they were cheapy flip flops! It was so funny that I almost had her recreate it for photos before I decided that I didn’t want to be even more of a litterbug by leaving a second shoe out there.

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  1. Maybe her prince will show up one day with that flip-flop in hand. Love you Marley and Mullins Family! So happy she got to do this!!!

  2. This is beautiful work for a beautiful family. Thanks for making this happen. Marley is one of my favorite kids that’s not my own. I’m glad her magical smile is getting this spotlight.

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