Once upon a time, a great while ago, the stars fell from the sky. Devastated, the moon looked down upon the stars and wept. Thinking to herself that she would never again feel their warm and radiant glow, she covered herself in half and allowed her tears to pour over the earth.  As her tears fell, two midnight fairies awakened. They were the most beautiful fairies ever seen, and only came out when the rest of the world laid sound asleep. The older fairy looked up at the moon, and flying to her asked “Why do you weep?” “I weep for I have lost my stars” she replied. “Oh, do not weep on that account,” replied the fairy. “For we will gladly go to earth and retrieve them for you.” The two fairies dove down as fast as they could, and upon landing on earth they felt the stars at their feet. They picked up each star one by one and carried them back to the moon. The moon was so delighted to have her stars back that she promised the fairies they could rest by her light whenever they wanted. Cradling them, she also offered the fairies a bit of her moonlight to take with them wherever they went. They placed the light in a glass lantern, and although they were midnight fairies, they were overjoyed to have a light to shine upon themselves and upon others. For the stars, I used my sizzix die cutter machine and the star dies.

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