I love fairytale and storybook photos, as I’m sure you know by now. 😛 I’m not the only one either. I have a photography friend named Kira Sonoja who owns Kandylane Photography. She uses models and LOTS of styling to do her epic photos. She posted one last year in November  that just floored me. She styled a woodland guardian in all gold with wings in a nest and I just fell in love with the whole concept. You can see it here: http://www.kandylaneenchanted.blogspot.com/2013/11/the-enchanted-guardian-18-19.html I looked at the second photo of her looking down at her eggs and thought to myself “What would those babies look like?” So, I set about building up a little bird. My husband and I built the nest two days before the session out of crepe myrtle branches, and I finally finished digging out all of the splinters by the day of the shoot. 😛

Don’t you love her hair? Natural curl, wow! I really loved her eyes though, they’re the same color as mine, not hazel but still a brown/green. She has a fiery personality too, which she will need with four older brothers at home. She wanted to take this outfit home with her to do pageants in, and adored all the glitter we played with.

This baby bird did everything I asked for 50 minutes. Unfortunately, the session lasted 60 minutes. You know that edge of three years old where when they’re over it but you think you can push them for just a tiny bit longer? Yeah, she was really really done. But honestly, doing everything someone asks for almost an hour when you’re just three is tough.

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