Georgia child photographer – Princess Merida

In an ancient land ruled by kings and queens, lives a beautiful and spirited Princess. She is a lively girl with long fiery locks and sun kissed freckles that adorn her face. Her emerald green dress sweeps the floor as she walks. She is incredibly gifted at archery, with arrows as swift and precise as lightning. Sadly however, she is a princess by birth and a prisoner of fate. Forced to live out a destiny she does not want, she decides to run into the forest away from her past and all the expectations imposed upon her. In the forest she feels free. Her bow and arrows give her the confidence to be anything she wants to be. Here, she is fearless. Even the great bear does not unravel her. She sits upon a rock so at ease and self-assured. Her image reflecting off the cool water like a picture taken at just the right moment. She breathes in deeply knowing that her day has finally come, today she is in control, and no one else.

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