Athens GA photographer – Ice princess

As an Athens GA photographer, I love seeing my clients over and over, because I love getting to know them more over time. This sweetheart was a little bird a few years ago! I really have no clue how she still looks the same in her gorgeous little face. Her mother and I love to collaborate on her sessions because she lets me do what I want to. I love getting to bring all my own ideas to a photography session, and her mother loves something different and unique! So I had this idea to use the smoke grenades, but they’re not pretty in photos so I had to put them in the treasure box and have her hold it! In the middle of it, she looked over at me and said “Oh, Heather. This smells awful.”

Smoke bomb photography -

The smoke smells awful it really does. She kept asking me when it would stop, then once it did she said “That was really fun!” Do you see the heart over her head??

Child photographer - GA photographer - Grey ice princess dress - Smoke bomb photography - Frozen princess -

Eyelashes -

I love how the glitter is stuck in her eyelashes!

Blowing glitter - Glitter photos - - Grey ice princess - Smoke grenade photography -

Ice fairy photographer -

I love the sweep of this dress so much! Look at that twirl!