Athens Fairy Photographer – Pink Fairy Princess

Walk with me to the garden. Let us stroll through the crisp green grass. Let us walk among the flowers, and marvel in their beauty. For this is no ordinary garden, and today is no ordinary day. Here in this place, fairies have gathered to witness the appearance of a new fairy princess. She arrives dressed in rosy hues, with pink flowers placed gently upon her head. We see her as she flies quietly through the breeze. Shy and ever so watchful. She watches us silently for as long as she can, until suddenly a smile flashes across her face. We hear her as she bursts into laugher, reminding us that the heart of a fairy is filled with endless childhood. She runs with her fairy wand in hand, and we can almost hear her whisper “catch me if you can…” And though we try to catch her, we catch only the glimmer of her wings as she flies higher and higher out of our reach.

~Athens Fairy Photographer

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