Listen closely…do you hear it? It is the sound of hundreds of butterfly wings beating against the wind. The sound is like a rushing river that takes your breath away. When suddenly, you see her. It is the butterfly fairy herself, and she is spectacular. With her paintbrush in hand, she gently begins to decorate each set of wings. Her paint brush swirls with every stroke, making each design incredibly unique. She takes her time, calling each butterfly forward by name. They love her dearly and nestle gently in her hair. And when she is done, she leaps and twirls around them and they join her in her dance. Fly high butterfly fairy, for today your wings will carry you wherever you want to go, and just like the wings of the butterflies you paint…yours will send you soaring to unbelievable new heights.

~Athens Child Photographer


I used my sizzix die cutter machine and the butterfly dies and punch for the butterflies here.

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  1. Colleen Ross Reply

    The joy of springtime seen through innocent eyes. Beautiful!

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