In May of this year, I ran my first Artists’ Collaboration with the theme of Cinderella. The idea was to get many people from across the world all putting their spin on the same idea. A lot of the people I contacted just couldn’t participate while the number of images were 8-10 to turn in, they requested I do a collaboration with just one to turn in. This is that one! The theme for this one was simply ‘fairy’. Each of the 26 participating photographers saw it in her own way.

For mine, I set out to make a Star Fairy. I knew I wanted a dark dress with glowing lights in it. I asked my friends over at Enchanted Fairyware to make me a blue/black/silver dress with pickups in it so I could add lights to them, plus some extra long sleeves that drag the ground. They came through is STYLE! I made the wings out of tulle and posterboard with LED lights in them too. It looked great on my dress form!

The session, however.. was a disaster. The dress and wings were way too big for my model, the wings had to be held up constantly or they dragged the ground. It was 95F out for the shoot, the humidity was hideous. The light I was using kept quitting, the head piece kept slipping forward because her poor head was sweaty, the belt kept popping off because it was supposed to be a headband instead.. About 20 minutes in the whole skirt and sleeves literally fell off of her. I had all these amazing ideas about how she could be hanging stars or a moon in the sky, hovering in the air.. it so wasn’t happening for this one. I used battery powered LED Lights for the wings and dress.

Check out the whole PDF for all the rest of the participants!

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