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Fairyography has been published!


Sigma Corporation of America (my lens company) - April 2020 - Getting Creative at Home with Macro Photography - https://youtu.be/-emlruYMUak

Finao Albums Interview - January 2020 - https://www.facebook.com/90781008481/videos/191251725543993/

Finao Hairyography Album 2016 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s7Xe6xDVrE&feature=emb_title

Grady Newssource - September 2013 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDbmdzE0PV


Sigma Lenses blog - September 2021 - https://blog.sigmaphoto.com/2021/first-look-sigma-90mm-f2-8-dg-dn-contemporary-lens/ - First look at the new SIGMA 90mm2.8 DG DN lens!

Sigma Lenses blog - September 2021 - https://blog.sigmaphoto.com/2021/marvelous-macro-photography-with-the-sigma-fp-l-camera-and-105mm-f2-8-dg-dn-art-lens/ - The SIGMA 105mm macro lens paired with the SIGMA fp L camera!

Click Magazine - June 2021 - How to choose the right lens for a styled photo session - Read about my lens choices, then watch a behind-the-scenes video on a real fairy photo session!

Sigma Lenses blog - November 2020 - https://blog.sigmaphoto.com/2020/creating-magical-memories-with-special-subjects/ - CREATING MAGICAL MEMORIES WITH SPECIAL SUBJECTS

Sigma Lenses blog - October 2020 - https://blog.sigmaphoto.com/2020/a-day-on-the-farm-with-the-sigma-105mm-f2-8-dg-dn-macro-art/ - A DAY ON THE FARM WITH THE SIGMA 105MM F2.8 DG DN MACRO ART

Professional Photographers of America - April 2020 - https://www.ppa.com/articles/how-can-photographers-get-creative-at-home - How Can Photographers Get Creative Despite Being Stuck at Home? Let These Photographers Show You How!

Good Housekeeping - April 2017 - https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/inspirational-stories/news/a43644/hairyography-calendar/ - You Need to Buy This Calendar of Hairy Men Dressed Like Fairies

Today Show - April 2016 - https://www.today.com/parents/men-pose-hairy-godmothers-april-fools-day-joke-t83591 - Men pose as 'Hairy Godmothers' for April Fools' Day joke

Scary Mommy - April 2016 - https://www.scarymommy.com/hairy-men-dressed-fairies-hairyography/ - These Hairy Men Dressed As Fairies Will Make You Believe We Got Tinkerbell All Wrong - Men dress up as “hairy godmothers” as an April Fool’s Day prank

Westchester Weddings - Mother Daughter Portraits

Today Show - November 2015 - https://www.today.com/parents/astonishing-fairy-tale-photos-help-sick-kids-enjoy-magic-moments-t54216 - Astonishing fairy tale photos help sick kids enjoy magic moments

Clickin' Moms - Jan 2014 - https://www.clickinmoms.com/blog/fairyography-non-profit-photography-by-heather-lickliter/

Canon Cameras - Digital Learning Center, September 2009 – Article Link
Canon Cameras - Digital Learning Center, October 2009 – Article Link
Canon Cameras - Digital Learning Center, November 2009 – Article Link

Printed Magazines and Newspapers

Beaux Couture Magazine - Mar 2016

Southern Distinction Magazine - Spring 2016 - Secret Gardens

Professional Photographer Magazine - May 2015 - Happily Ever After, Fairyography puts a little magic in every portrait

Atlanta Parent Magazine -

Athens Parent Magazine - True Stories of Real Princesses

Athens Banner Herald - June 2009 - Living Section - https://www.onlineathens.com/article/20130813/NEWS/308139932

Accent Gwinett Magazine 2008 - Ours for a time, Remembering Meredith Emmerson

Best Newborn Photographers in Athens

Athens Banner herald Article about fairyograhy
Fairyography published on Clickin Moms
Fairyography published in Professional Photographer Magazine 2
Fairyography Published 4
Fairyography published in Athens Parent Magazine
Fairyography is published with a mother-daughter session
Meredith Emmerson Article
Fairyography Published in Beaux Magazine 1
Fairyography published in Professional Photographer Magazine 3
Fairyography Published 5
Hairy guys dressed like fairies
Fairyography published in Southern Distinction Magazine
Fairyography Published 1
Fairyography Published 8
Fairyography for Sigma Photo Lenses
Foster Cat Quaranine Project
Fairyography published in Professional Photographer Magazine
Fairyography Published 2
Fairyography Published 10


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