Fairytale session FAQ

What is a Fairytale session?
A fairytale session is a dress up photo session. We provide the styling, dresses, wings, accessories and everything needed for the photo session for girls size 2T to size 9. Please ask if you have girls larger than size 9 or if you would like to use your own dresses. Click below to read the Fairyography PDF:

Do I need to wait for a themed set?
No! We sometimes run mini-sessions with a theme, but you can book a private fairytale session for your daughter anytime.

Can you design a whole session theme around my daughter?
Yes, we can! If your daughter love birds and you’d love for her to have a whole session as a woodland bird fairy, we can make that happen. We do one-of-a-kind costume setups, just ask us to design something just for you.

When do we do photos?
Fairytale sessions are available March through November with May and September being peak flower season. There is often a waiting list, so book yours early!

Where do you take the pictures?
Fairytale sessions are done at an outdoor location, usually the Botanical Gardens here in Athens (but any wooded area can work).

Hair and makeup are included?
If your little girl is old enough to sit still for it, yes. If you have an on-the-go two year old, having a curling iron right next to her head probably isn’t the best idea. Mini-sessions do not include a salon trip.

How is a session run?
For the photos, I will direct the girls for a few shots if I need to, but I strive to create a casual, friendly feel and focus more on the child’s natural expressions rather than anything posed. I anticipate for the shots we want. I aim to not only get wonderful photos, but to make it a wonderful experience for the subject. Often, the girls are so swept up in the experience, they tell everyone they pass “I’m a REAL princess!” and talk about it for weeks afterward.

I saw some photos in a pink orchard and I want those!
That is a peach tree orchard, which only blooms about 10 days out of the year in March. We run mini sessions there during that time, but the trees are green with leaves the rest of the year.


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