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Peach orchard - www.fairyography.com

Peach Orchard Princess Trio – Watkinsville Photographer

Once upon a time in an enchanted orchard, lived three delightful princesses. Each was lovely and incredibly unique.View full post »

New Orleans fairy photography- www.fairyography.com

New Orleans Photographer – Sweet Sisters

There is a place neither here nor there Where all the trees let down their hair A place where fairies come to play ToView full post »

Ice fairy frozen - www.fairyography.com

Crystal Fairies – Athens GA photography

This is the tale of two fairy sisters who loved each other dearly. Although they had many years between them, age didView full post »

Special needs princess photography - www.fairyography.com

Meet Hannah – Memoral Princess session

Hannah’s nominator Laura writes “Hannah is known around ESP as a beautiful smile, a sweet hand to holdView full post »

Athens GA photographer - www.fairyography.com

Madison child photgrapher – Moon and stars

Once upon a time, a great while ago, the stars fell from the sky. Devastated, the moon looked down upon the stars andView full post »

magical photography - www.fairyography.com

Macon photographer – Little pink and purple fairies

Once upon a time, in a far and distant land, lived two fairy sisters who loved to fly. They enjoyed the feel of theView full post »

Fairholm camp ground tree - www.fairyography.com Fairyography

Washington Travel Fairy Photographer – Part 2 – Sol Duc

The unicorns galloped fiercely as they left the enchanted forest. The journey seemed endless, but the fairies trustedView full post »

Washington unicorn sessions - www.fairyography.com Fairyography

Washington Travel Fairy Photographer – Part 1 – Unicorns

A long time ago, there were three fairy sisters. Each of them was a unique beauty. They wore long white dresses thatView full post »

Lewiston Idaho fairy photographer - www.fairyography.com Fairyography

Idaho Travel Fairy Photographer – Fabulous Fall Fairies

A great while ago, there lived four autumn fairies. The cool crisp wind had awakened them, and they knew the time hadView full post »

Idaho fairy photographer - www.fairyography.com Fairyography

Idaho Travel Fairy Photographer – Different sisters

Have you been to the fairies court? Where fairy sisters play? Have you seen the magic land? Where fairy dressesView full post »

Idaho fairy sisters - www.fairyography.com Fairyography

Idaho Travel Fairy Photograther – Black Unicorn

Back, far back, when the world was very young, there lived two fairy sisters as lovely as could be. Their eyes wereView full post »

Idaho photographer - www.fairyography.com Fairyography

Idaho Travel Fairy Photographer – Three sisters

There is a secret hiding place, where fairies go for fun On curled tip wings they love to fly, until the day isView full post »

Fairytale photography - www.fairyography.com - Fairyography

Athens child photographer – Princess Tea

I love being a photographer. I love gettign to see kids grow up and change and yet still stay the same. This pair ofView full post »

Fairytale photography - Fairyography - www.fairyography.com

Fall Fairies – Georgia Child Photographer

If you ever want to hear something that sounds like real magic, put a pair of sisters together for a photo session likeView full post »

Princesses under the crepe myrtles

Athens Princess Photographer – Blue sisters

It’s not often that I get a princess or fairy over 10 (because let’s face it, a lot of teens really worryView full post »

Styled Photography – I love fairies!

This pair of sisters totally rocked. Not only did they let me do whatever I wanted, but they had some great ideas ofView full post »

Orchard sessions! – Watkinsville Photographer

Here are all the orchard mini sessions, holy cow do I love them. Ready to make magic for your little girl? ContactView full post »

New in blue

These two girls are some of my very favorite girls. I see them at least twice a year with their family and brother, butView full post »

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