This horse has been SUCH a pain but really a fun project for me to work on at home. I went looking for carousel horses on Craigslist and found what I thought was a great one, but after driving two hours to get there, we loaded her up and found out that she was plastic.. and had come from a smoker’s home.


A little internet research later and I find out that she’s a converted hobby horse. She started life as one of those spring-horses that kids bounce on. The hot glued flowers covered the holes where the springs used to be. See the WH on her tushie? That’s “wonder horse”.  She started out looking like this.


So we got home and I set her up for a photo, because I wanted a before and after set, since I knew I’d have to repaint her.


Her first bath (it took three to get the smoke smell out). I scraped all the hot clue off too, thank goodness I was already plannign to repaint her since I took off a lot of paint too.


Her base coat of primer white, then a coat of soft ivory over it.


Testing out pinks, this color was too flamingo-pink, the other was too fuchsia pink, so I ended up mixing them.


It took a lot of work to paint those hooves gold.. Laying down on the job has it’s perks, I guess.:P


All painted, but still missing something.. I think she needs some front and back bits to the saddle and a horn.


A little brain surgery and some hot glue later…


FINALLY, she’s done. Repainted, added a horn, cleaned the brass, added ribbons, filled her with industrial foam, and gave her a new base for stability, she’s ready for some princesses!


  • Brandi - September 23, 2014 - 11:47 am

    Hello Miss Heather,
    I stumbled across your site when doing research for ideas on how to improve my own wonder-horse-to-carousel-horse project. Your images came up and I about died! LOVE what you have done with this amazing prop! If it’s not too forward of me, might I ask how you came to upgrade your horse to have a horn? I love unicorns and often, to the annoyance of my husband and kids, claim to, in fact, BE the last unicorn stuck in human form. lol. Of course, the only thing I simply had to do with my carousel project was convert it into a unicorn. But sadly, I have not been able to come up with how… Any chance you’d be up for sharing? I thoroughly enjoyed your site and what you do with all your creative skills. Keep up the good work. And thank you.
    Brandi (The Last)ReplyCancel

    • Heather Lickliter Larkin - September 25, 2014 - 2:43 pm

      Brandi, I made a horn from Sculpey clay, baked it, drilled a hole in her head, then hot glued the horn into the hole!ReplyCancel

The hottest day of the year (no really!), and we had a fairy session. Got her hair all done, dress on, thunder in the distance.. and the humidity and heat destroys everything in about 20 minutes. Hair flat and dress sweated through, we decided to just call it a day and try again in the fall when it’s not 99 degrees outside. So we brushed her hair, changed into a cooler backup tutu, and decided to take a stroll for the rest of the evening. While walking, I spotted this Great Purple Hairstreak butterfly walking on the ground in the parking lot. They’re known for being incredibly docile, so I put my finger down so it could crawl on my finger to get it out of the parking lot before it got squished. Little fairyness also wanted to try holding it, which was perfect for me! We passed it around for about 20 minutes and then put it back on a tree branch so it could go to sleep for the night. SO sweet!

Butterfly fairy - Fairyography
Tutu du monde  - Fairyography
Pink roses  - Fairyography
Georgia photographer  - Fairyography
Butterfly fairy  - Fairyography
Atlanta photohrapher  - Fairyography
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 - Fairyography
Fairy creek  - Fairyography

Estas bonita! This beautiful girl is from the Dominican Republic and was teaching me Spanish for our session. I did pretty well pronouncing, not so well remembering. We had a few language barrier moments (‘scoot’ is not a word that translates), but overall she loved it and I loved her. She said “I’m going to be back tomorrow, okay?”

Fairy photo sessions - Fairyography
Athens GA photographer - Fairyography
Fairytale photos - Fairyography
storybook photographer - Fairyography
Best child photography - Fairyography
watkinsville ga photographer - Fairyography
Georgia child photography - Fairyography
Georgia child photos - Fairyography
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Beautiful fairy photography - Fairyography
UGA botanical gardens - Fairyography
Athens child photographer - Fairyography

Fairyography announces the fifth annual Sabina Hartley-Burke and Ava Jane Gibson memorial princess sessions!

Sabina lost her battle with a brain stem tumor on May 31st, 2007. She was eight. Ava Jane Gibson lost her battle with a heart defect on August 5, 2009. She was three. Before each of them left this world, I was lucky enough to meet them for a princess photo session. Since then, I’ve felt like it’s something I have to do for another deserving girl every year.

2013’s winner was Marti Love, who is battling a brain tumor:

2012’s winner was Magen, who lives with a chromosomal deletion:

2011’s winner was Kylie, who was born premature and has triumphed over Leukemia:

2010’s winner was Chloe, who has Down syndrome and has triumphed over Leukemia:

You know, sometimes it is hard to believe in Fairy Tales. There are times in life when we want nothing more than a magic wand and a little pixie dust to take us to a happy place! We know that there are some people that you would love to do that for too. Now, where do YOU come in? Let’s be honest; no one loves anything more than hearing the good, fabulous, things people have to say about them or their children. Whether it is that they have triumphed over troubled times, are fighting health issues or that they are just an amazing kid who deserves a little something special, people LOVE to know that other people feel that way about them. So, it is up to YOU to nominate a family that has a little girl(s) between the ages of 18months and 12 years old.

Send me an email to sharing why you think the person you are nominating should be THE ONE for this totally awesome package. What makes that little girl so special and why does she deserve to be treated like a queen? Include her parents’ or guardian’s contact information. I speak with each girl’s caretakers to talk about the event and what they can expect.

For the grand winner:

A $1400 value fairy tale package

This captivating collection begins at Elements Salon with your princess or fairy being treated to a hair and makeup styling (if she is old enough and safe around curling irons!) Then she is photographed at the Botanical Gardens. She will be able to wear one of our couture gowns along with any other accessories she chooses. These are casual sessions with no set time limit and you will be presented with 30-40 fully edited proofs to order from. Included in the winning package is a 16×20 wall art piece with a matching digital image, a trio stunning mini accordion albums, and an 8×8 leather bound 20 page storybook. The contents of this collection are not a limit; you may choose to purchase further prints at VIP print prices.

Chosen ladies who aren’t the grand winner will be offered a photo session and a $200 print credit.

Deadline for nominations: August 31st, 2014. A winner and runners up will be chosen by September 6th, 2012. Photo sessions will be scheduled for September. Email to Please forward this to everyone you can think of in case they know a deserving girl too!

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