One-to-one Mentoring

$1800 – does not include travel, you’re responsible for getting yourself to Athens GA and staying here, but there is a fab shuttle from the airport.

I give you:
First we chat about what your goals are. Want to learn about session styling but you’re good on shooting? Fine! Want to learn light finding but you know how to interact with kids? Great! Tour the princess room, see the studio, use the costumes and wings. Each mentoring day is customized to YOU. Can’t start toooooo early in the day because I can’t think, so we do 10am to sunset!
In the morning, we’ll go over aIl the stuff we plan on doing, then shoot in the evening. If it’s the summer, we shoot at 8am and then we talk about what we saw and did, because it’s too dang hot to shoot in the evening! I’ll take you for lunch and dinner, but you’re on your own for breakfast because my breakfast is like a bagel at noon. LOL.