1: I love your style, but I have no idea what theme I want for my daughter's session! 

Don't worry, I totally love thinking up new ideas for sessions and I get super excited when I get to build props for a shoot. If you don't already have one in mind, then your part of the process will be talking about what colors you like her in, if you want something that feels woodsy-wild or over-the-top.. etc. Some things can only be included with an extra fee (like unicorns because I have to book them), or seasonally (like peach orchards because they don't bloom all year).

2: I want something totally crazy, like a full size horse-drawn cinderella carriage with a 1000 roses.

I'll chat with you about extra costs, but I'm pretty sure that I can make whatever idea you have happen unless it involves celebrity appearances. Cinderella carriage,? Yep. Real snow for your Ice Fairy session? Can do. I built an 8ft moon once, and I did a session that included a 9ft skirt, a leaf blower, and two cars. I built a 6ft bird nest with the help of my husband. I borrowed a taxidermy coyote for a Red Riding Hood shoot. I tossed an actual bed in the ivy. I met two Unicorns in Seattle and I have cut 300 paper butterflies and hung them in trees. I made 6ft fairy wings once. I've hung jars full of flowers from trees.I have a notebook FULL of crazy ideas just waiting for the right girls. 

3: One of my girls is 2-4 years old.. can you still make magic with her?

I taught pre-school for years before opening my business, and I had a room full of 11 two-year-olds.. and any mom or teacher of toddlers will tell you that you never know what you're going to get until you get it. I cannot guarantee that I can take a tired two who missed her nap, refused the snack she loved the day before, and is now screaming and turn her around to a smiling happy posed princess. Sometimes it happens, other times it really doesn't. I utterly LOVE toddlers (and oh my gosh do I ever have some CUTE dresses that only look good on little littles), but I understand that it's a big investment and things go wrong. 

4: I don't live in Georgia, will you travel to me?

Yes, if travel costs are paid and you have an area with trees. If you're out in the middle of Texas with nothing but a downtown area and a few cornerside short trees, it'll be hard to make that into a fairy wonderland in pictures. :)

5: How long does it take?

Ordering fully custom dresses can take up to 4 months, so if we're having something made just for her then it can be a while. Other dresses are shorter lead times, it just depends on the look we end up wanting. The session takes roughly an hour at the salon and then and hour and a half shoot time. I take about 2 weeks to get the images edited and ready for you to come in, then albums and prints take about 4-5 weeks to come back.