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Fairyography | | Fairytale Photo Sessions #photography #photographer #childphotography

Blush Sweethearts – Sisters in Athens GA

The sun rises high over the hills, awakening two fairy sisters. Oh how lovely they are, with tiny crowns placed uponView full post »

Fairyography | | Fairytale Photo Sessions #photography #photographer #childphotography

Sweet Sisters in Blue – Athens Child Photographer

Once long ago, in a most glorious forest, there lived two fairy sisters. They were a lovely sight to behold, withView full post »

Fairyography | | Fairytale Photo Sessions #photography #photographer #childphotography

Purple Haired Fairy – Atlanta Child Photographer

The woods are filled with fairies At least that’s what they say Yet I’ve never seen a fairy That is, until today… ThereView full post »

Fairyography | | Fairytale Photo Sessions #photography #photographer #childphotography

Amazing flower fairy – Watkinsville Photographer

Far beyond the edge of the world, there lives a flower fairy. She arrives with a gleam in her eye and a smile on herView full post »

North Georgia Photographer -

Pretty in purple – Winder photographer

They say a fairy’s job is never truly done. Look into the gardens, and you just might see one. Listen carefully, andView full post »

Storybook photographer -

Little blue fairy – Georgia Photographer

There is a garden of wondrous sights, wherein abide the most beautiful flowers of all different types. Each one uniqueView full post »

Ice session -

Athens Child Photographer – Blonde Ice Fairy

Alas! Winter has come to an end, and the ice fairies have slowly begun to disappear. Yet one remains among us. She isView full post »

Snow queen

The Snow Queen – Athens Child Photographer

Have I told you of the Snow Queen? Have I told you of her world? That her hair is soft as silk and she loves it whenView full post »

Frozen styled photos -

Little miss ice fairy – Athens Photographer

It is the first day of winter, and she is ready. A little Ice fairy full of courage and strength appears upon theView full post »

Ice fairy frozen -

Crystal Fairies – Athens GA photography

This is the tale of two fairy sisters who loved each other dearly. Although they had many years between them, age didView full post »

Fozen photo session -

Frozen Fairies – Georgia Photographer

Far away in a warm and tropical land, where forests are lush and rivers are swift, there lived two fairy sisters. TheyView full post »

Atlanta child photographer -

Georgia Child Photographer – Autumn Cousins

A long time ago, two bright eyed fairies embarked on an exciting adventure. Legends had told them of a magic forestView full post »

Autumn fairy photos -

Autumn sisters – Athens fairy photographer

Fall fairies rise, come out and play! Fall fairies rise, for today is your day Put on your dresses of copper andView full post »

Frozen photography -

Memorial Princess Winner #2 – Meet Marianna

Marianna’s nominator writes: My name is Amber Smith.  I am a kindergarten teacher in Marietta City.  I would likeView full post »

magical photography -

Macon photographer – Little pink and purple fairies

Once upon a time, in a far and distant land, lived two fairy sisters who loved to fly. They enjoyed the feel of theView full post »

Hall of mosses - Fairyography

Washington Travel Fairy Photographer – Part 3 – Hoh Rainforest

The fairies made their way towards the cascade of water. Their eyes widened and their mouths opened at the sight. TheView full post »

Fairholm camp ground tree - Fairyography

Washington Travel Fairy Photographer – Part 2 – Sol Duc

The unicorns galloped fiercely as they left the enchanted forest. The journey seemed endless, but the fairies trustedView full post »

Washington unicorn sessions - Fairyography

Washington Travel Fairy Photographer – Part 1 – Unicorns

A long time ago, there were three fairy sisters. Each of them was a unique beauty. They wore long white dresses thatView full post »

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