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Deer fawn

Meet Willow – Fairyography

Meet Willow the fawn! She’s now named thanks to everyone who voted and suggested names! Ready to make magic forView full post »

Washington Travel – Behind the scenes

My favorite part of movies is watching the behind-the-scenes options like the commentary and how they made them..View full post »

Carousel Horse!

This horse has been SUCH a pain but really a fun project for me to work on at home. I went looking for carousel horsesView full post »

Outtakes - - Fairyography

Butterfly fairy outtakes

It’s no secret that I love behind the scenes things. After all, I do have a whole section for it here! So thisView full post »

Behind the scenes -

Behind the scenes – Tea Parties

The tea party mini sessions were great! I thought I’d share a little of the prep work and outtakes from theView full post »

The wind!!

You know what? 26mph winds don’t seem like a lot on the weather app, but they’re pretty rough whenView full post »

Behind the scenes -

BTS for three sessions

Transformation session Ice fairy session Little Bird session Ready to make magic for your little girl? ContactView full post »

Details of a fairy session - Fairyography -


“Okay, now blow a little harder, okay? Faster! Oh… maybe not that fast, sorry sweetie.” Ready toView full post »

Details of a fairy session - Fairyography -

Red Riding Hood Outtakes

I really never thought I’d be driving around with a taxidermy coyote in the back of my car. Or putting it in theView full post »

Details of a fairy session - Fairyography -

Memorial Princess Outtakes

Just a few little snippets of the memorial princess sessions behind the scenes! Daddy wearing the crown Big skirts andView full post »

Before and after editing - Fairyography -

Before and After – Editing a photo

I enjoy seeing before and after photos from other photographers. I wonder what steps they took to get those results,View full post »

Behind the scenes – Star Fairy

Making of shots of the Star Fairy! The wings started off 6ft long and just fabric. I decided that the wings neededView full post »

A few funnies

What I take OUT of a session is almost as entertaining as what I leave IN to edit. Here are some hilariousView full post »

Behind the scenes – Steampunk Cinderella

Making of and behind the scenes photo from the Steampunk Princess shoot here:View full post »

Heather Lickliter Larkin Fairyography Deer Fairy

Deer fairies and poison ivy

Last week I told you to watch for this story. The shot in front of the water? I accidentally walked through poison ivyView full post »

No bathrooms – Athens princess photographer

This photo makes me laugh every time I see it. Every. Time. Why? It has a story. This photo doesn’t really tellView full post »

Peach orchard outtakes

I just love sharing out-takes and behind the scenes shots! I have to explain what’s going on in some ofView full post »

Ice Fairy 2013 – Behind the scenes

Mom off to one side, shaking the puffies out of the leaves. Too much! Staticy hair was tough that day. It was a bitView full post »

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