Behind the scenes: Ice Fairy

Behind the scenes again, this time with the ice fairy!

I cut these wings out of foamcore with a dull exacto knife.. which was awful! I need more blades if I’m going to make another pair again. First i drew the design on the plastic covered foamcore with a dry erase marker, then I traced with a ball point pen, then I cut out the first one, traced it again, cut out the second. It was about 4 hours of cutting and my fingers were all sore after. Ick! They needed sanding then painting as well. The foam was finally attached to some bent coat hangers and I strapped it to the (poor, long-suffering) model with an ace bandage under the dress.

I added the ice crystals to this dress since it was so close to what I already needed. While working on a new costume, I often try things out of myself to see how they wear. The ice fairy crown was made of silver pipe cleaners with more of the ice crystals woven into it. There’s me trying it out before the ice crystals went in.

Everything went great… until she started jumping and running. Then the wings and the crown just fell straight off. I think I could make the wings sturdier, but the crown was too front heavy to do anything about.

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