Memorial Princess Sessions

Memorial Princess Sessions

Sabina lost her battle with a brain stem tumor on May 31st, 2007. She was eight. Ava Jane Gibson lost her battle with a heart defect on August 5, 2009. She was three. Before each of them left this world, I was lucky enough to meet them for a princess photo session. Since then, I’ve felt like it’s something I have to do for another deserving girl every year.


You know, sometimes it is hard to believe in Fairy Tales. There are times in life when we want nothing more than a magic wand and a little pixie dust to take us to a happy place! We know that there are some people that you would love to do that for too. Now, where do YOU come in? Let’s be honest; no one loves anything more than hearing the good, fabulous, things people have to say about them or their children. Whether it is that they have triumphed over troubled times, are fighting health issues or that they are just an amazing kid who deserves a little something special, people LOVE to know that other people feel that way about them. So, it is up to YOU to nominate!

I accept nominations from August 1st to August 31st every year, sessions take place in September and October. You can nominate a girl or sisters between the ages of 18months and 12 years old who has a medical, genetic, or social hardship.

2015’s winner was Lexi, who is living with severe cerebral palsy.

2014’s double winners were Arden, who is living with mitochondrial disease: and Marianna, who is fighting Leukemia:

2013’s winner was Marti Love, who is battling a brain tumor:

2012’s winner was Magen, who lives with a chromosomal deletion:

2011’s winner was Kylie, who was born premature and has triumphed over Leukemia:

2010’s winner was Chloe, who has Down syndrome and has triumphed over Leukemia:

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Terrell Marti Love was nominated by a person in our community whom we barely knew, at the time.   We had no idea then how these photos would be such an incredible gift - like no other.  Two months after the photo shoot Marti Love hemorrhaged at the tumor site and that is when things really started unraveling.  These pictures have been a treasure to our whole family and even our community.  One of the pictures taken during that day has become a treasure to all who love her.  The pictures are just so beautiful!  During the shoot, personally, it was a treat for me to watch Marti Love be silly, enjoy twirling around and getting to be pampered.  She loves to dress up, put on make-up, and get her hair fixed.  So each aspect of Fairyography was a total gift to her.  It could not have been given to her at a better time either.  As a child who has fought hard for her life this opportunity was a great time for her to just be a happy, carefree child.  An opportunity that is more rare than common for a child with a brain tumor.
Fowler And even though is nonverbal you could tell she so loved the dress Mrs Heather picked for her. I watch heather as she did her magic with my heart.. It's like she knew Faith even though she had only meet her for a few short hours! The way she understood Faith was amazing! The end result was breath taking! Who wouldn't want this kind of memories of their daughter's childhood? But when I saw the final results they where so much more than I dreamed! She turned the middle of the woods and my sunshine into a true fairytale .... Pray I get the chance to have them done again one day. 🙂
HaasLexiMPFT-23 The shoot was difficult to accomplish due to Lexi's challenging muscle tone, but the result looks effortless and completely magical--totally a testimony to Heather's patience and expertise as a photographer. Heather captured Lexi's beautiful spirit perfectly!
FerlandMPFT-28 We have never won anything. When we found out Magen was the Memorial Princess we were so touched and honored I was reduced me to tears. We have beautiful unforgettable pictures of Magen that shows her inner joy & happiness. I know she will most likely have shorten life span and will be very thankful to have photographs but we try not to dwell on it but take one day at a time. They are my absolute favorite pictures we have of Magen. It was so hard to narrow our favorite pictures down. Every time I see those pictures I think how thankful we were to have them and how much I love them.