20 minutes on a rainy day

You know that kind of day when it starts to rain in the middle of the day or on your lunch break? Do you sit inside and grumble? I watch the rain, listen with my eyes closed to the thunder, then wait until it’s stopped and go out for photos. I take 20-30 minutes and walk around my neighborhood with a snack and a camera in-hand. If you can slow down, enjoy the time, you can see more than you think. And I’ll tell you something… look at it the right way, and it’s all beautiful. All of it.

Here’s my day. Grey and wet. Nothing special? No, it is. Just get closer. Put on some comfy shoes and get your macro lens.


I see some things that are beautiful here, do you?


Here’s just a few slow steps further in. I see some things I want to investigate…


This is the crepe myrtle just outside of my apartment window.


Sometimes the key is to change your point of view. Look at the leaves. See the water? Nothing special from here.

A bit closer is more interesting…

Ah.. but turn the drops into the light and suddenly…


Rule 1: Walk slowly. Rule 2: Look down. What’s that, a mushroom?


Rule 3: Listen to what’s around you. Rule 4: Investigate slowly and gently. Do you see what I see in this mimosa?

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  • Diane - September 28, 2012 - 5:55 pm

    Love these! It looks so peaceful. What a nice way to pass the time. Thank you!ReplyCancel

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