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Hi, I’m Heather Larkin. I am a child’s photographer located in Athens GA shooting fantasy fairy portraits! I provide the dresses, wings and accessories for girls sizes 2 to 14, and girls over 5 years old get a complementary trip to the salon before the photo session for hair styling and light makeup.

See how it works and the amazing products that you’ll love to have in your home!

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I pride myself on a fun experience for your little lady, and I’m often told at the end of the session that the giggling kid that I was just with for an hour is usually super shy. Not with me!

I went to school for Early Childhood Education so that I could work in preschool. I ADORE small children. Children are wonderful. I ENJOY being with your daughters, Plus I know what’s appropriate for her age and how to run a session. I speak TO her like a person, and not at her. I read her and I know when she’s done for the day. There are no crying princesses at my shoots.

Featured in national publications like Professional Photographers Magazine, Model Life Magazine, and Canon Online Learning, and with ten years of creating magical portraits as experience, I certainly have developed my own style.

See my Top 20 gallery, the before and after transformations, and the behind the scenes silliness.


Our happy customers saying
Getting this done is the best decision we ever made. Quote of the day from my big kid, upon seeing herself as a fairy, "Wow, I guess I am pretty!" - how about that for making her feel secure about herself as she becomes a tween? PRICELESS. Can't WAIT to get my album and jewelry.


I so wished that I lived in your area and that I could have been in your presence when I saw my album for the first time because you deserve to see the joy, the absolute delight in beholding all of that angsting over those pictures come full circle. I truly, truly, truly LOVE my album and wouldn't change anything. It truly is even more beautiful than I could have anticipated--the weight is unreal for that front cover and the leather is just absolutely perfect with the overall design choices. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.


She had endless patience with my daughter, and trust me.. my daughter can be very trying to photograph. I myself am a photographer and I almost always pay other photographers to photograph my her lol. My daughter absolutely adored Heather and warmed up to her instantly. I am so over the moon happy with her work and her service. It's not just about capturing great photos, it's about the service you provide to the client. Heather went above and beyond to provide the most amazing experience for my little girl.


If the contact form fails to send, email me direct at heather@fairyography.com

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If the contact form fails to send, email me direct at heather@fairyography.com

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