There is something so beautiful about the stroke of a painter’s brush. Perhaps it’s because the art of painting has been around for thousands of years. Or maybe it’s because paintings have a way of diving into our souls and capturing just the right amount of emotion. Fairyography is now very pleased to offer these hand painted portraits of your favorite images mounted on high quality canvases. The soft brush strokes in every image evoke a fairy tale dream that is long-lasting and of timeless quality. Be sure to ask about these beautiful hand painted portraits during your ordering appointment! You will be glad you did.

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They say a fairy’s job is never truly done. Look into the gardens, and you just might see one. Listen carefully, and you just might hear one. Where there are flowers blooming, there are fairies at work. They fly over fields making everything they touch incredibly beautiful. Looking up, we see one sitting before us. Oh what a beauty she is! A vision in purple, with delicate wings. Her laughter is like a rolling wave that sweeps us away. She is playful and so full of life. Her tender smile is endearing, and her giggles are wildly contagious. Without a doubt, she is the reason we still believe in fairy tales!

(Inspired by the beautiful daughter of Edwin Hammond, videoagrapher at Hammond Studios)
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There is a garden of wondrous sights, wherein abide the most beautiful flowers of all different types. Each one unique from the rest, blooming only at the gentle touch of fairy hands. Look closely and you might see these fairies as they pass you by. They are whimsical creatures with hearts of pure gold. Wearing dresses of all colors and hues they brighten the garden in a way only they can. There is something so fascinating about being in the presence of a fairy. Once you have looked into the face of one, you are never quite the same. Looking out into the distance, you see one standing before you. Flying gracefully on delicate curled tip wings, she stops for a moment and greets you with her warm smile. She is a stunning sight, with eyes that sparkle like sapphires and long blonde locks that crown her face. What is it about her that leaves us in awe? Perhaps it is the way she flies around us. So confident and self-assured. You see her again by the edge of the water, dipping her toes. Oh how beautiful she is! These fairy pictures serve to remind us of all the beauty that still remains in the world, we need only look close enough to see it.

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